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The physical and emotional benefits of adopting
a regular meditation practice are widely accepted.
Use your monthly meditation tree tracker to prompt
you to spend a few minutes
each day, improving your wellbeing.

There are 31 leaves on the tree.
(1 for each day of the month).

Once you have enjoyed your daily meditation, you may then either write the date on the leaf (1 for the 1st of the month etc.) or as I've done, you may like to colour in the leaves with a different colours.
I'm using just normal wax crayons in the video, but you could use felt tip etc. to your preference.
This way, as YOU blossom from the benefits of your meditation practice-you will see your tree blossom into glorious colour by the end of the month.
The more you meditate- the prettier your tree!

A4 size download.

Wishing you calm, love, and a pretty tree!

Amanda. x

My Monthly Meditation Tracker (DIGITAL Download item).

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