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'Inspirational Women In Business'

I am so delighted to be a Co-author in this incredible book, featuring the stories of 19 inspirational women who share their passions, motivations and raw details of their journeys in business and in their lives in general.
These are guaranteed to uplift, entertain, educate and motivate you!

The book is also a 'publication with a purpose', as it is raising funds for the women of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
Via the Facebook group 'Inspirational Women of the World', the money raised will go towards setting up a supportive community and to teach the women invaluable business skills which will assist them in setting up their own initiatives.
This will enable them to become self-sufficient and to support their families.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to Buy Your Copy, at the special price of £9.99 including UKMainland p.&p. ( Normal RRP £12.99).ENTER THE CODE 'INSPIRATIONAL' at the checkout for free p.&p.

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