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 'Spark My Imagination' 

We live in amazing times, where our children are highly exposed to incredible technology, enabling them to learn, and interact online.
Being someone who, as a child, loved nothing better than to write and draw...( seldom happier than when I opened a new writing book and set of colouring pencils, in my Christmas stocking!), I am passionate about encouraging children to develop these skills.
With a mission to provide a resource to support this in a fun and stimulating way- I have created my Story kit!
( This has been so much fun to create!)

Included in the kit:

1 x set of 30 'story prompt' cards . ( These cards are visually appealing, with bright colours, clear wording, and fun images!)
1 x My Stories journal (wide-ruled exercise book)
1 x Rainbow design pencil with 'Rainbow' eraser top.
1 x pack of reward stickers

     The Story Kit.                    Drawstring Duffel bag.                   Stickers.                                         Cheeky Monkey
                                                                                                             ( FREE while stock lasts- Be quick!)
The kit is presented in a practical, brightly coloured drawstring duffel bag.
This means that this is the perfect 'portable activity', as well as for home enjoyment.

There are several ways to use the cards, and I would encourage you to create your own imaginative ways also, but these are some to start you off with...

The cards are divided into 6 categories, with the face colour of the card being different for each section.
'Fan' the cards out in your hand, whilst keeping the actual images/wording concealed.
( Due to the way that the cards have been designed, this is easy to do.)
Then, offer the deck to your child, and invite them to pick a card from each different coloured section.
They will then have the 'surprise element'  of discovering which items they now have in their hand!

Once they have selected 6 cards, they have the 'pillars' to be included in their story, and it's time for them to pick up their rainbow pencil, open their My Stories book, and start letting their imagination go to work.

To help them with their organisational skills...
My suggestion is that they write the 6 words at the top of the page, and as they include each word, they can they either colour over the word ( maybe using a coloured pencil with the corresponding colour of the card), or just tick the word. 
Each time they use a prompt word- they may like to include a little drawing of the object, alongside the word within the story. 
The finished result will be 'illustrated' with their own 6 little drawings.
This 'My Stories'  writing book will then become a precious 'keepsake' to include in their childhood memory box. Imagine looking back on their first writings in years to come- especially if these actions end up nurturing a JK Rowling/Roald Dahl etc.!

If your child loves 'performing'- ( my son was 'an actor' from the word go!), you may like to ask them to select their cards, and then to make up a 'performance' including their cards prompts...The possibilities are only limited by imagination!

There are lots more story kits and products in the pipeline!

The kit is currently available from our Etsy store with FREE POSTAGE via this link:
Also from our Facebook page at £22.99 & £4.95 UK mainland
Please head over to, 'SPARK MY IMAGINATION' (Like & follow), to keep in touch with the Spark My Imagination story, as new chapters unfold.
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We are also very excited that we will shortly be launching our Private Members Group ( Bright Sparks), where we are going to be getting up to all sorts of fun activities, designed to entertain, stimulate, and nurture your child's imagination, ( with some 'elements' included that parents are going to LOVE too!).

We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!

Amanda. x

"Spark my Imagination, to a world of my creation"!

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