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Unicorn Story Creating Kit for children…


APOLOGIES...This item is only currently available for UK MAINLAND DELIVERY

Bring a writer myself, it was one of my passions to design a resource that would encourage the art of writing within children.
My kits have aim at helping children to develop their literacy skills and creativity, whilst (most importantly)- having FUN.
If something is fun- it comes easily!
Please visit and like my Facebook page “Spark My Imagination” for further information.

Included in the kit:

🦄 A deck of Unicorn story prompt cards.( 2.5 x 4” size)

There are lots of ways to use these, but my suggestion is to allow your child to randomly select some cards- the younger the child, the fewer the cards etc.
They then use these prompts to form the pillars of their story.
The cards are visually stimulating, with plenty of ideas to spark their imagination!
The cards are divided into six different categories, which are designated by the colour of the card face- so you can offer your child the option to select up to six cards.
For very young children- the deck may be used as flash cards, whereby you show them the card/image etc. and speak the word to them.
For children who may prefer ‘performing’ ( which was the case with my own son), you may like to encourage them to verbally tell you or perform a story, using the cards as prompts.
This helps with communication skills, and confidence building, whilst encouraging parent/care giver and child quality interaction.
The cards are gloss-laminated, so are durable and also able to be gently wiped if desirable.
A little pouch with a Unicorn embellishment is also included, so as you can story the deck.

🦄 Story writing journal.

Your kit contains a matching unicorn design, wide ruled, 120 page journal for your child to write their stories in.
This will also make a lovely addition to your child’s keepsake box.
Imagine if they grow up to be the next J.K.Rowling or Roald Dahl, and you have kept their first ever childhood stories! How special would this be?

🦄 A unicorn pencil/ eraser

🦄 Unicorn Stickers.

All good stories deserve recognition- and what better way than with a sticker!?

🦄 Unicorn design case

This is the cutest little carry case with a handle…AND- it has been especially chosen as it is also insulated- so can be dual purpose, and double up as a lunch bag if you wish.

And finally…

The kit is currently available with a special ‘friend’- the ‘Cheeky Monkey’.
These fellas are incredible adept at story- telling, so if your child gets stuck- suggest they ‘ask the monkey’ for some ideas. You will not believe what they come up with!
( You will receive a random colour monkey according to stock- as they come in yellow/ green/ pink/ orange).

There is no ‘fixed age’ for enjoyment of this kit, although it may be primarily desirable for primary school children.
( The card deck, as already mentioned can be used as flash cards as soon as you wish to start introducing language to your child however).

Please note that the eraser is a ‘small component’, so not suitable for under age 3 unsupervised use.

Thank you for visiting my shop!
Any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with me via my Facebook page “Spark My Imagination”, or via this listing.

( I also have a 🌈Rainbow🌈 kit.)

Amanda x

Unicorn Story Kit for Children.(Spark My Imagination)

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