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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction...?

Had you asked me this question 10 years ago- my answer would probably have been "Uh- no".

Fast forward to the present, and I can now say, hand-on-heart that I absolutely do.

I have been studying this for some years now, and have seen so many examples of the amazing, life-changing results that the understanding of the principles of this concept can produce.

There are a few well-known sayings which are commonly used to demonstrate it, such as "Thoughts become things", and 'Energy flows where focus goes".

I personally love "If you can think it- you can have it"! The Universe is abundant.

This time last year, I decided that I wanted to introduce additional aspects to my working life.

( I run a business with my husband, and have done so for the last 10 years or so, but I knew that, as great as this is- it is not 'all' that was meant for me!).

This time last year- I put it out to the Universe. ( Or if you are not a believer in Spiritual things etc.- you may just look at it that I focused all my energy and attention.)

I literally compiled a checklist of how I wanted my daily life to look, in terms of my working pattern, what I would do each day, where I would work from etc.

I made it REALLY graphic, and specific, and more importantly I imagined how it feels.

Within a few short months...I had formulated in my mind what I wanted to do.

I wanted to write and create!

I have always written (in some format or other), and have penned little bits of humorous rhyming verse since I was just an 'excited littlie'!

I 'put it out there' that I wanted to create this extra dimension to my life which would match to the letter, my checklist.

One of my requests was that before the year was out- I would become a published author.


I also 'set the scene'. I bought myself a new Macbook...and started thinking of myself as a Writer. I remember saying to the Optician (in response to her question "What do you do"?), that 'I am a writer"!!

This was quite funny, because for so many years...I have identified myself by way of our main business- but THIS was what I was feeling.

I AM A WRITER!! There we was 'out there'.

One of my favourite affirmations "The Universe has got my back" kicked in, and lined up opportunities, 'the perfect people', technical expertise and ultimately 'delivered'.

My poetry anthology ( available from the Shop page on this site) was published in December, and reached #1 in the Amazon Top 100 Best Seller List in category.

I didn't question the 'How', as it is not necessary for us to concern ourselves with this.

Keep your focus on your aim...Keep the faith that it is coming...and FEEL as if you have already 'won the prize'. Then, gratefully watch it arrive!

P.s. I also LOVE affirmations!

Here is an A4 digital download poster, ( which is available from my Etsy store "PoetsCornerByAmanda"), featuring some general affirmations that you may like to incorporate in your own life.

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