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NOT the norm! May's 'New Moon in Taurus'.11th May 2021

Thanks for dropping into my blog post today!

I hope this finds you really well, and embracing the 'opening up' that our world is teetering on.

I always seem to become a little bit 'reflective' at this time of year, and have noticed that often, (for no apparent reason), will feel 'under par', or actually unwell.

This has been a bit of a 'thing' for me.

Some years ago, I made the link that this will happen in the lead-up to my birthday, (later this week).

This is where the 'reflective' bit comes in.

If you were to label yourself in terms of your self-beliefs, I wonder what you would say...

I always identified with 'sensible', 'responsible', 'realistic', 'capable', and 'grounded'-very much within the '3D' corporate world'.

These were some of the 'positive' words that I associated with, but, like everyone,- I also had a good dollop of the 'not so positive' ones lurking around in my head too!

( I won't give any energy to them by listing here, as nowadays, I am choosing not to focus on things that I do NOT want to embrace in my life any more!)

About 5 years or so ago, I started to see/explore things from a shifted perspective.

Again, I subconsciously found myself 'labelling', and my self-tag morphed into 'bit corporate/bit woo-woo', as I further explored the 'metaphysical'.

I have always gravitated towards alternative/complimentary therapies/mindsets etc. and I knew that I was meant to now further 'explore and embrace'.

In my experience, people tend to identify with 1 of 2 camps:

"This is all that there is... so you best accept it, and get on with it"...


"There HAS to be more"!

I started to feel increasingly, that I slotted into Camp #2...

And so came my realisation, that EVERYTHING is about ENERGY!

Every physical object, every thought, every living being, every stick, and every feeling is ENERGY( in varying forms).

(You know when you meet someone for the first time, and without them even opening their mouth- you receive either a positive or negative vibe... that is their 'energy' that you are picking up on.)

I'm guessing that by now, you're wondering why this blog post is titled "New Moon in Taurus" etc. when I haven't even given this a nod yet!!

Well...I'm building up to

So, this is the bit where I make the link. ( "Finally", I hear you say!)

When I was born, there was quite a lot of stress around my birth, and my mum wasn't physically well in the days either side of my arrival.

This may sound a bit/very 'off the wall' to some people, but I have often wondered ( in a similar way to an echo), if I perhaps at some cellular level, actually re-visit this energy from all those years ago, and that THIS is why I may be feeling a bit out of sync. recurrently, at this point in the year?

( I told you it was a bit 'off the wall', but at the least- it feels strange that this seems to happen EVERY year at this time. I will also just add that it's not to do with 'getting older', as I can honestly say that I have never been in the slightest bit bothered by numbers.)

So here comes the astrological bit, and the guidance to bear in mind for today!

I am NO astrologist, but I am really fascinated in this Science, and I really do believe that it is a Science.

I love following experienced Astrologers, and always resonate with their predictions and observations.

Today's New Moon is obviously in Taurus, but this New Moon is NOT THE NORM.

Taurus is governed by VENUS, (the planet of love, pleasure, beauty, sensuality and indulgence).

Taureans are usually the ones enjoying the sumptuous foods/wines/passions of life!

Another phrase that we hear so often at the moment is 'Self-care', and this is a highlight of this particular New Moon energy.

It is time to relax...

Smell the roses, sip the wine, and embrace the sun. ( "If only we had all 3" I hear you say!)

It's about taking a moment of pause, to relax and re-boot.

You know how whenever your computer decides to throw a wobbly, and you've exhausted your technical skills to no avail- What is your final move?

Yep- switch it off...let it cool down, and then after a little while-turn it back on again.

Hey presto! All is well.

Today is about reflecting upon where you are in your life at the moment, with the 'buzz word' RELAX humming around your head.

Embrace the Taurean traits... indulge your soul in what brings you pleasure, and practice the self-care.

When you have then 're-booted', it's time to use the New Moon energy to 'plant your seeds'...

These little seeds of energy, focus and attention which you want to grow into the blooms that will adorn your life-however this looks for you.You may want a new relationship...a new career...increased financial wealth etc.

It's about using this time as a 'Vision board'- paint your picture vividly, graphically and energetically. Really let your imagination loose!

Top Tip: Dream big- we live in an abundant world!

Remember the principles of the Law of Attraction. "Energy flows where focus goes".

If you are an advocate of the Laws of the Universe (which I have become), you will appreciate the importance of maintaining a positive mindset.

This doesn't mean that you will not 'have your moments' where you just want to kick off and have an almighty rant etc.(This is known as being human), but try not to let it turn into a full-blown 'pity party'.

If you are feeling a bit under par today- accept this, and allow yourself the 'switch off and re-boot' option.

Then get back into planting...What is it time to plant in your garden?

If you are looking for something to help you keep focused on positives, I am very excited to have literally just released my new Law of Attraction/Positive Mindset card deck.

These cards are really pretty ( think Camper van/ Bunting/Vintage), written in rhyming verse and are designed to start your day off on a positive note, which will embed in your subconscious and give you a little turbo charge to embrace the day ahead.

Available from my website:

( Please visit 'Shop', which is found under the 'More' tab).

As for me... I've got some Angel Card Readings booked in, which is always a sure fire bet to make me feel better, followed by some work later on my next story kit, as I'm in the process of producing my third story writing kit for children. ( Facebook: 'Spark My Imagination)

Self-care does not always look like a 'soak in the bath', or 'reading a glossy mag.- it is literally about doing something that gives you a boost. ( Anyone for 'skydiving while dressed as a fairy'?)

Wishing you a relaxing New Moon.

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