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My Angel card deck comprises 44 cards with a beautiful, contemporary design feel.

*PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LISTING IS FOR THE CARD DECK ONLY* ( Not the purple storage chest as seen in the photograph).
Your card deck will come sealed within shrink wrap, and a black velvet storage pouch, with Angel wings/feather embellishment.

You wil also receive a natural wooden card stand, so as you can display your card throughout the day, to remind you of your message.

I have worked with Angel cards for several years, ( using card decks which were channelled/designed by other people), but as I was carrying out a reading for a client in 2020, the message popped into my head:

“Channel your own messages”.

This deck is as a result of that message. 
I have had so much pleasure personally designing these cards, and hope that you love them.
I am now using my own deck for my card readings via my Facebook page “Special Friends Angel Card Readings”.

These cards may be used by anyone for their personal enjoyment, or if you are an intuitive, ( and once you have attuned to the deck) - you may like to carry out Readings for the benefit of others.

🦋How to use these cards🦋

Before you use your deck, remove them from the
shrink wrapping and just feel each card individually, allowing yourself to blend your own energy with them.
Each time you use them, ensure that you shuffle the deck well. I also lie to ‘knock’ on either side of the deck in order to clear the energy from a previous Reading.
Ask your Angels to support and work with you, helping you to develop your own intuition.
Although the cards carry specific messages…as you progress, you may receive some extra messages that may not be specifically ‘written’ on a card.

Working with Angel cards is about intention, belief and trust.
I also advise that a ‘grounding and protection’ practice is adopted. This can be as simple as listening to a five minute guided meditation each morning, so as to protect your energy and move confidently about your day. ( these are available to item to freely on many meditation App’s). If you would like me to send you a link to a meditation for G & P, please reach out to me on my Facebook page).

There are no ‘rights or wrongs’ in terms of how many cards to work with at one time, but you may like to start with few, whilst you are developing. ( My own Readings are based on 10 cards).

Some of the ways you may like to use your deck:

Draw a single card each morning, ( asking your Angels to deliver the message that is appropriate for you to hear on that day).
You may like to keep your card displayed for the day.

Draw 3 cards to represent ‘Past/Present/Future’ questions

Ask for a ‘ Yes or No’ indication to a question.
Deal the cards until you turn one of these cards.

Draw 7 cards to offer guidance for the forthcoming week.

Draw 12 cards on the New Year for the forthcoming year.

These are just a few ways to use them, but you may find your own preference. Always follow your intuition!

The cards measure 2.5 x 4 inches, so are perfectly sized for handling/shuffling.
( Having used some of the larger decks- I find my preference is for this smaller sized deck, as they are much easier to handle.

They are printed on a quality silk laminate card, so are durable and easy to the touch.

I really hope that you will love this deck, and would love to hear your feedback!
Always remember to thank your Angels for your messages.

Thank you for visiting my shop!
( If you would like to purchase this card deck only, ( no box), there is a separate listing).

With love,

Amanda. X

APOLOGIES, BUT KINDLY NOTE THAT THIS ITEM QUALIFIES FOR FREE DELIVERY ONLY WITHIN MAINLAND UK. All other areas will be at shipping cost- please message me for details. Thank you.


I am obliged to offer the following advertising purposes the following statement.

“These cards are intended to be used for entertainment purposes only. They are not to be used in place of professional advice/ medical diagnosis.
The seller assumes no responsibility or liability for your use of this deck”.

My Angel Cards

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